Norad Santa Tracker 2015 – Santa Tracker

Norad Santa Tracker 2015 – Santa Tracker

So on December 24th, 1955, a nice, little girl saw an ad in the newspaper saying to call a certain number to find out the whereabouts of Santa Claus (me) but dialed the wrong number. Instead, she called the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) Operations Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

There were a lot of miscalls that night and Colonel Harry Shoup and his operators stayed up all night, letting everybody who called know where I was.

In 1958, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) was formed and since then, have used satellites, jet fighters and high-powered radars to keep track of my journey around the world, delivering presents to all the good little girls and boys.

Thousands of people have volunteered to answer calls and reply to emails that night. Live updates are given through the site linked below, now in 7 different languages.

To keep track of me, Santa Claus, this Christmas 2015, just visit the Official NORAD Santa Tracker.

For all of your Christmas shopping needs, Santa recommends Christmas Store!

Santa Tracker Norad 2010


  1. 1
    molly Says:

    i love santa

  2. 2
    Ryan and Jamie Cunnigham Says:

    hi santa claus!!!!! ME and my Wee Brother Jamie loves you to bits and we really hope ill get to see you!!!!!

    Your scincerly, ryan & jamie cunnigham!!!! xxx

  3. 3
    katie Says:

    hi i know that you’re not real how do people ome up with these things????

  4. 4
    katie Says:

    hi i know that your not real…how did people come up with you and all the other holiday things?

  5. 5
    katie Says:

    please reply!!!!! i need info!!!!

  6. 6
    kelly Says:

    stop being mean katie

    santa is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7
    Rudolph Says:

    Get a life Katie,Santa is real so please stop annoying him.

  8. 8
    olivia Says:

    Hi Santa hope you have had a nice are great..

  9. 9
    inder Says:

    hi santa i hope you have a nice chrismas thakyou from inder

  10. 10
    emma Says:

    hiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! i miss you and cant wait to see you what kind of cookies do you want this year

  11. 11
    Heather James And Lili-may Says:

    Hey Santa

    Its Heather Im 11 my brother James is 4 and Lili-may (my sister) is 3 we hope you got our e-mail with our wish list attached is this e-mail correct –

    from Heather James and Lili-may


  12. 12
    Heather James And Lili-may Says:



  13. 13
    jordyn Says:

    what will i leave you this year

  14. 14
    jordyn Says:

    wat kind of food will rudolf like:~l

  15. 15
    jordyn Says:

    can i get a dune buggy

  16. 16
    jordyn Says:


  17. 17
    jordyn Says:

    he is real katie

  18. 18
    alyssa Says:

    hi santa is real katie your meannnnn

  19. 19
    alyssa Says:

    hi santa your the coolest can you get me a beyblade for christmas

  20. 20
    Dan Bowers Says:

    hi santa can you please get me for christmas a docking station from target the iCoustic one and other things.
    you are cool

  21. 21
    jordyn Says:


  22. 22
    callum Says:

    hi santa your the coolest!!!

  23. 23
    callum Says:

    you rule santa

  24. 24
    jordyn Says:

    omg my sister luvs u santa

  25. 25
    Blixin Says:



  26. 26
    Rudolph Says:


  27. 27
    Blixin Says:


  28. 28
    Rudolph Says:


  29. 29
    Blixin Says:


  30. 30
    Emily and Ashlyn Says:



  31. 31
    Vixin Says:

    Finally somebody appricates me!!!!

  32. 32
    Santa Says:

    Stop it

  33. 33
    olivia anne Says:

    Hi santa how are you cant wait till you come on christmas eve ive been good most of the year ,love olivia anne

  34. 34
    Santa Says:

    Most of the year????

  35. 35
    Jack Rogers Says:

    hello santa
    I would like

    egyptian magic symbol
    history book
    x box 360
    king tut statue
    tudor books

  36. 36
    Aimee Rogers Says:

    hello santa
    I would like for chistmas

    a new book
    push chair
    a dolls car seat
    i hope your reindeers are ok i love you santa

  37. 37
    Nathaniel Says:

    hi Santa ife been good the whole year can i have a spynet,a new xbox360 controller, a nerf gun and a halo3 odst and a scooter p.s.I love all raindeers

  38. 38
    Nathaniel Says:


  39. 39
    Brady Says:

    Santa your the best person in the world xoxo

  40. 40
    Chloe Says:

    hay santa i have just found out ur not real but i still feelinside you are is it true santa? im chloe 13yrs old

  41. 41
    jacob Says:

    can i have a crf 100 cc motorbike please santa :)

  42. 42
    Els Says:

    Hi Santa.Santa is the best :^0 :^)

    Santa + children =yeaaaaah.


  43. 43
    Santa Says:

    hey children, im starting early this year and would like for yo all to post your wish lists here.


  44. 44
    Daisy Says:

    I love Santa. I am only 10. Last year I saw my Mum and Dad filling my stocking, but I still believe in Santa 100%. I hope I can see you Santa this year.

    Lots of Love to Santa

    Daisy xxx

  45. 45
    Daisy Says:

    To all u kids out there. Believe in Santa, im only a kid 2 but no matter what the grown ups say like “Santa isn’t real”, dont believe them because its not true .all the kids pull together and we can beat the grown ups with their silly comemnts about one of our favorite people in the whole wide world. Father Christmas.

  46. 46
    Santa Says:

    taylor swift rocks do you want her for christmas

  47. 47
    Taylor swift Says:

    awww thanks

  48. 48
    Ash and Emily Says:


  49. 49
    Santa Says:


  50. 50
    Kyan and Dane Webster Says:

    Kyan (6) Dane (10)

    29th 2010

    We belevin you Santa your awesome! also what snacks and drinks do you like Santa.

  51. 51
    Santa Says:

    Milk and Cookies!!!

  52. 52
    chloe Says:

    i dont but i no i will get presents from my mum and dad

  53. 53
    Arjun Says:

    Santa are u real i dont know,some people tell me u r,some people tell me tell me u r fake i dont know?????If u r real what would u like for ur food?What would roudolph like,im guessing carrots ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. 54
    Arjun Says:

    Santa are u real i dont know,some people tell me u r,some people tell me tell me u r fake i dont know?????If u r real what would u like for ur food?What would roudolph like,im guessing carrots ok!!!!!please tell me i ur real or not!!!!!!

  55. 55
    Brigh Says:

    I hope when you eat cookies on Christmas your tummy doesn’t hurt. You’re so cool…I wish I could fly just like you.

  56. 56
    Sadie Says:

    I love you Santa! I really want How to Train Your Dragon DVD for Christmas. I hope you get lots of cookies.

  57. 57
    Brigh Says:

    Hey Santa, I forgot to tell you what I want for Christmas. I really want a Frankiestein doll & a Clawdeen Wolf doll. Thank you…you rock!

  58. 58
    SANTA Says:

    hohoho merry xmas if you tip back within 3 days i will give you all 20 pounds hohoho bye bye

  59. 59
    chloe Says:

    sure u will santa who will r mum and dad ?! x

  60. 60
    Danny Says:

    YO santa can you get me a electric guitar and mobile phone plzzzzz
    thanks and bye ………………..I think!

  61. 61
    Dawn Says:

    Dear Santa

    I have tried to be good this year – not after anything, just hope you manage to have a great few weeks and have a good rest after new year


  62. 62
    Ruby Says:

    Hi Santa love you lots what do you and your reindeers and elfs like to eat please tell me and i will leave you it and a blanket because you might get cold when you go to places like Denmark Canada Sweden etc Merry Christmas Bye Santa and Elfs and Reindeers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. 63
    Minnie Says:

    hi santa… i believe in you.. about that $20 thing… are you really going to do it… i need money so i can buy my family some christmas presents and all..

    Do you like home made cookies… mine are delicious.

    Lots of luck on your flight around the world..


  64. 64
    Minnie Says:

    What time are you going to visit my house?

    I can’t wait for you to come…

    I want monster high dolls as my christmas present

  65. 65
    jonathan sheehan Says:

    I would like a 150 piece auto mechanic set,battery drill,electric drill screwdriver

  66. 66
    Robbie sheehan Says:

    i would like a galaxy s phone, daerway[black]

  67. 67
    emma willis Says:

    hi i so am pleased your coming i love lps’s (litttlest pet shop) i love every single raindeer in the pack

    ps:don’t listen to katie she’s a minx >: (
    i luv u santa
    rudolf and blixin look after santa properly and…………STOP FIGHTING!

  68. 68
    joe Says:


  69. 69
    joe Says:

    iΒ΄m very hapyyyyyyy!!!!1

  70. 70
    tia davies age 7 Says:

    hi santa i have been a good girl for you cant wait to see you all again we got snow out side were i live

    love from tia xx

  71. 71
    chloe Says:

    hay yo u havnt replied to any of my answers do u like me??? x

  72. 72
    Santa Says:

    Hey all of you guys!! I am so glad that you believe in me, I am real (how else would I be typing this if I wasn’t real?) As I said earlier, I am starting earlier, and all of you guys that posted what you want for Christmas will get extra presents!! XOXOXOXOXO ~ Santa Claus ( aka saint nick)

  73. 73
    emma willis Says:

    hey santa,
    i wish you a merry christmas,
    i wish you a merry christmas,
    i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!
    good tidings we bring to you and your king,
    i wish you a merry and a happy new year!

    ps:i luv the ……………SNOW!!!!!!!

  74. 74
    emma willis Says:


  75. 75
    chloe Says:

    ur not suppost to be mean to good little girls x

  76. 76
    Rio Says:

    Santa i still believe you but i found all the things on my christmas list can u help me but i woke up in a 4 poster bed I WOKE UP IN IT!!! I NO CRAZZZYYYYYY!!! i must have been very good last year xx love rio

  77. 77
    alyssa Says:

    hi sant your kinda being mean to the kids but i now your really nice and dont listen to that katie shes trying to say that in frount of you well get me a bayblayde blizzard maker anser me back if you get this message or elseeeeeeeeee

  78. 78
    Javi Says:

    (I believe in you Santa!)
    Get your brain going Katie!!!!!!!!! Expect nothing but coal in your stocking this year. Santa is REAL!

  79. 79

    Dear Santa i love u sooooooooo much i promise i have been a good girl this year my brothers name is brevin brown he also has been good this year he is 12 years old, and my older brother braden graham he has been really good this year he is in love with skateboards i would like a tinkerbell talking cafe and a ipod touch and 2 american dolls u dont have to get me 2 u can only get me 1 if u want and also a fur real friend [bear cub] also a dippin dots maker and by then u will have my Christmas list and u will see everything else and i soooooo soooooooo sooooooooooo belive in u i promise i have in my whole life and btw my brother brevin loves video games i dont know wat else u will see his list p.s. i loveeeeeee u cant wait for u to come to my house!!!!!!!!!!

  80. 80

    Dear Santa, i believe in u sooooo much. my name is brevin brown i am 12 years old, and this is wat i would want for Christmas…….. ipod touch, pocket knife, pool table, and tennis table and, a real 4 wheeler 250 cc, and there is 1 more thing but i dont know wat it is called it will be on my list p.s. i love u and i believe in u

  81. 81
    jayden Says:

    u rock santa
    :^) i want a pocket knife, robot servant, limo, butler

    love jayden

  82. 82
    Santa Clause Says:

    Hi children!
    I hope you all being very good this year so I can give you guys the presents you like. Thank you all for those very great comments.Oh and all you children who are asking what my favorite cookies are there, chocolate chip, and sugar cookies, dont forget the milk also!
    Santa Clause

  83. 83
    Mrs.Clause Says:

    Hello children!!I’m so glad to see all your nice comments on how you believe in Christmas and Santa.Speaking of Santa I see he’s written on here too.Hmmmmm, is he talking to the reindeers again?I never know what he is up too. I hope everyone is being good this year,and judging by these comments I’m pretty sure that there won’t be a lot of coal making this year! Hurray!!!!No more washing Santa’s white clothes that are obviously black when i wash them because of the coal dust.

  84. 84
    Robbie sheehan Says:

    hey santa hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ive been waiting for u to text back how come u did,nt I hope u can text back later bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  85. 85
    Damian Says:

    Hi Santa….If you got my messege I sent to you (The one about what I want for Christmas) ya I realy want Call of Duty and/or the playstation move and the playstation three micraphone….Thank you if I can Get all that stuff……!!!!!!!!! P.S. I also want alot of other stuff and i waanted to know if I was good this year? BYE BYE !!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  86. 86


    Hi santa What Kind of cookie do u like?
    Can U Give Me a real sibverain Husky plz
    santa is real and u are so mean Katie

  87. 87
    Emily Says:

    Hi santa,

    I think your really cool and you are my HERO! for christmas i would like an IPODTOUCH! I REALLY WANT ONE! that is it for this christmas. BYE

  88. 88
    Adrienne Says:

    HEY SANTA!!! I know im a little too old for u but i still believe in u. all my friends say im a dork for believing in u but i dont care!!!! i cant wait for christmas!!! there will be a BIG stack of cookies for u and carrots for ur reindeer! :) :) :)
    love, adrienne <3 <3

  89. 89
    Adrienne Says:

    OH yah! also i want a new clarinet or a new puppy plz! thnx
    and wat type of cookie do u like? thnx again!

  90. 90
    jordyn Says:

    dats not really taylor swift is it

  91. 91
    jedward Says:

    hey santa can i get tickets for jls

  92. 92
    jedward Says:

    saanta my 2nd name is grimes

  93. 93
    Santa Says:

    Katie shush

  94. 94

    hi Santa i want a mongoose bmx bike and duke nukem forever i know it is a rated m game but that was my first game ive ever played i also want an xbox 360 with a headset and an afterglow controller.

  95. 95

    you rock santa hope you live forever and ever

  96. 96
    Dallas Says:

    Hi Santa,
    i would like paper jams, gloves, hannah montana cd and dvd. clothes, and wrestling guys. thank you Santa.

    Love Dallas

  97. 97
    Cheyenne Says:

    Dear Santa,
    How are you? i would like a baby doll, stroller, baby clothes, clothes anything tinkerbell, icarly, hannah montana, slippers, pj’s, new coat. Thanks Santa and please be safe out there on your trip around the world.
    Love Cheyenne.

  98. 98
    comet Says:

    wow no one cares about me i used to be the best

  99. 99
    person Says:

    wow u babys belivev in santa wow i onely tell my mom i beleve so i can get presentts and im getting the new ipod toch

  100. 100
    Siddharth Says:

    Siddy needs a game of cars. Karan needs cars of hot wheels

  101. 101
    Chloe Says:

    Santa I thoght u were sup post to be nice and not swear but guess who it really is writing is an American sad olds gitt who wants attention.,

  102. 102
    Arlene Says:

    Hi Santa ! Im 14 and i still believe in you :) xxx i hope my letter arrived ok and i have tried to be good for the majority of the year πŸ˜‰ its only 13 days till Christmas eve so your Probably VERY busy :) any way just wanted to say hi ! love you loads xxx p.s i don’t think katie deserves presents this year .

  103. 103
    alishaskye Says:

    hi father christmas my names alisha im 5 years old. not long now till you come to my house hope you bring me my telescope thank you love alishaskye xx

  104. 104
    Emily Says:

    Hey Santa, its me again. And for all those “non believers” how do you know that santas not real. bet you dont have proof! :) :p

  105. 105
    Emily Says:

    I LOVE U SANTA :):):):):)

  106. 106

    hi santa

    would like a iphone for christmas

  107. 107

    hi santa

    i would like a computer and a blue phone and big spongebob bed

  108. 108
    chris Says:

    hi santa

    sorry about katie but she’s mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    anyway have a merry christmas,hope katie has learnt her lesson.
    oh,almost fogot. what would rudolf like this year. :)

  109. 109
    hannah c Says:

    hi santa i love you my dirthday is on christmas and i would like a laptop and and new phone (dlackderry pink ) and i would like a ipod tutch
    i am going to de 11 thanks ps i will leave you a mimse meat tart and a carriot for rodolf .

  110. 110
    chris Says:

    yo santa

    it’s me again,i forgot to ask you what would comet,cupid,dasher,dancer,
    prancer and doner,blitzon and all the others whan’t for christmas? but
    what about you?

  111. 111
    Tyshanda Says:

    I love you Santa Claus and i am hoping to see you on Christmas Eve. I will leave chocolate cookies and a glass of milk on the cabnet for you i love you and will always remember you no matter what i love you so very much!

  112. 112
    hailey Says:

    hey santa im 12 and im having a hard time believing in u. my parents say ur not real but deep down inside i no u r. please reply back beacuse christmas just hasnt been the same

  113. 113
    caoimhe Says:

    Santa is real becasue last year i heard him

  114. 114
    Emily Says:

    Hi Santa Clause! My birthday is the day after christmas! But i really want one but my parents wont get me one so i was wondering if you could get me one.

    P.S. caoimhe is right, SANTA IS REAL:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. 115
    Phoebe Says:

    Dear Santa
    All im asking for christmas this year is a dolly with a pink dress.

    Love From

  116. 116
    jaimie Says:

    katie get a life you are so mean santa is so real what kind of food does rudolph like and you

  117. 117
    Flynn Says:

    dear reinedeers and santa i dont want 3 pressents all i want is evry one or animals to have a merry jolly cristmas ps can the elves post?

  118. 118
    Flynn Says:

    tis is not a lie when i was tiny i saw u santa

  119. 119
    J.porter Says:

    Hey Santa I love u and I belive in u I know that u are real and I would like for christmas is and iPhone and a miny laptop(purple) and new nerf guns more webkinzs build-a-bears ummm and more peace sign stuff please Santa love u I have been really good love u Santa and what do u and roudolf want for Christmas this year

  120. 120
    J.porter Says:

    Please typ back to me Santa please love u santa

  121. 121
    J.porter Says:

    Oh ya and Santa I would like the kinect x box 360 too for christmas love u Santa

  122. 122
    nathan Says:

    Hi Santa,

    I want a skate board and skate shoes. I want to see a photo of one of your reindeer!

  123. 123
    nathan Says:

    christmas and christmas ever are my favorite holidays. Do you know my elves name?

  124. 124
    frankie Says:

    i like rudolph better hes nose is funny blixin is borin xx :) love you santa

  125. 125
    mickey Says:

    hi santa i hope you are feeling ok for your flight around the world.
    i would like a ipod touch and a new phone and some liverpool football club things and surprises. i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.bye.
    P.S. what drink would you like?

  126. 126
    santa Says:

    HoHoHo every body that dont think im real i can tell you i am if you do think im real you will get all the preasents you want and all the people that dont you wont get nothing your so ungreatful xx :)

  127. 127
    lilli beth earl Says:

    to santa

    i have been a very good girl this year i would like for christmas

    a puppy
    a camera
    a ice cream maker
    and i have sent the rest of the list to you

  128. 128
    J.porter Says:

    I know u are real I know it cause I belive in u so much love u santa

  129. 129
    santa Says:

    j.porter i know you know i am real ive been looking down at you all year youve been very good this year not like last year you were a real hastle last year :) xx

  130. 130
    J.porter Says:

    Awww thank you Santa love I Santa

  131. 131
    santa Says:

    thats ok you know i used to be a kid like you i wasnt santa when i was a kid i got chose by santa to be santa and one day i will choose one of you children to be santa xx :)

  132. 132
    J.porter Says:

    Yupp I do know that u were one of us xoxoxoxo Jaclyn love u santa

  133. 133
    AmandaM. Says:

    Alright, I believe in santa 100%, but, all of you people,^^ PRETENDING to be someone your not, is totally stupid! You can chose your name when you leave a comment, and everyone knows reindeer cant type, and santa clause doesnt have time to, he has to make over a million toys. so, Backk off, and tell us who you really are!
    P.S Santa is real.
    P.S.S I Love You(:

  134. 134
    AmandaM. Says:

    Oh, and santa doesnt die. Thats what makes him special, So, Yall are fakes, and need to get a life.(:

  135. 135
    Flynn Says:

    hello Santa and reindeer’s this year we are giving U milk and cookies and the reindeer that wants a carrot

    PS can U tell me witch one wants it

  136. 136
    mary Says:

    hey all you guys that dont believe, if you dont believe e dosent come.
    Well would you go see someone who thought you were’nt real ?
    Think About it !

  137. 137
    Alexandra Says:

    Hullo!!!! I beleave in you!!! my brother dosn’t… :'( I love christmas!!! and I’m asking if you can give every kid in the world and in africa and stuff presents? and still give my brother a present???

    Alex <3

  138. 138
    Alexandra Says:

    p.s. say hullo to the raindeer for me please!!! expeshely Comet!!!! and please say hullo to you’re dragon, Flake too!


  139. 139
    Eevee Says:

    Hi! Santa, you give out presents, but i was worndering what would you like for christmas?

    and everyone up there too???


  140. 140
    santa Says:

    eevee rudolph would like a carrot for christmas and i would like milk and cookies i hope you get what you want too xx :)

    p.s. alex your brother can have coal for his present because he dont belive in me xx :)

  141. 141
    Gillian Says:

    Hi Santa! I believe you exsist. I’ve been really good this year and I want you to go to my friend’s houses and prove to them you’re real. Oh! I also would like to get Mario VS D.K Mini-land Mayhem! Thx! Merry Christmas! ( P.S: I will also leave chocolate milk and cookies for you, or egg nogg, or milk, or something, but you’ll get you’re midnight snack! And the reindeer! Eight carrots, right?) BYE!!:D

  142. 142
    Gillian Says:

    Hi Santa! I believe you exsist. I’ve been really good this year and I want you to go to my friend’s houses and prove to them you’re real. Oh! I also would like to get Mario VS D.K Mini-land Mayhem! Thx! Merry Christmas! ( P.S: I will also leave chocolate milk and cookies for you, or egg nogg, or milk, or something, but you’ll get you’re midnight snack! And the reindeer! Eight carrots, right?) BYE!!:)

  143. 143
    Gillian Says:

    Hi Santa! I love your reindeer, but I really like Vicksan ( Am i spelling it wrong?) so, i will give HIM an extra extra carrot, so everyone gets two and Vicksan gets three! Thx Santa! ( And I’ll sneak an extra cookie so you can have four, not three!)

  144. 144
    Gillian Abigail nd Morgan Says:

    Hi Santa! I’m here again! With my sisters, this time! I would like to say i love you and Vixon ( hope i spelt it right) My sister Abby likes Cupid and Rudolph, and Morgan likes Vixon and Cupid. BYE!

  145. 145
    jack Says:

    hi santa, this is my first christmas as im only a little boy of 9 months old, cant wait till u come and visit me
    lots of love
    jack xx

  146. 146
    LALA Says:

    Hey Santa im 13 and i believe in you, well i want to! Katie like wat the hell thats soooo mean kids younger than u go on to this site so if u dont believe y r u on this site????
    luv u papa noel xx

  147. 147
    ethan Says:

    hi santa please could i get a play staition 3 with fifa 11 and need for speed hot pusuit would you like a mince pie and for rudoph a carrot and milk for dancer

    love from

  148. 148
    tony Says:

    hay santa im tony im 46 ,, thank you for everything every year

  149. 149

    please can you reply to me santa

    love from


  150. 150
    ryan Says:

    hi santa, iv been a very good boy this year and would like harry potter lego game and star wars the force unleashed 2 for the wii, i will leave u cookies and milk and also carrots for the reindeers, cant wait till u come to visit me and my little brother jack
    love ryan xx

  151. 151
    reece harrison Says:



  152. 152
    Alyssa Says:

    Hi santa all these commats on the websit are great i belive in you and beliving is seeing snd seeing is beliveing so i belive santa have a great triop love alyssa

  153. 153
    Clarsie Says:

    Stop fighting!!

  154. 154
    Clarsie Says:

    Or else…I will leave!!

  155. 155
    Clarsie Says:

    Oh and also Santa is very busy and I am sure he is reading ALL of your wish lists! He is preparing for the BIG night! πŸ˜‰

    Lots of love and christmas joy,
    Clarsie The Doe

  156. 156
    Victor Says:

    Hello Santa! I want you to be up in the sky and I want to ride with you and I want my mom to come with me.

  157. 157
    Clarsie Says:

    I care about you comet! πŸ˜€

  158. 158
    Daniel Burton Says:


  159. 159
    Tamsyn Says:

    Dear Santa, I love you and my dog Marley Loves your reindeers. He
    wants to be one. Love from Tamsyn

  160. 160
    Tamsyn Says:

    To Santa, I’m Tamsyns dad and I just want you to know how good she has been this year. She often puts other people before herself and always tries to help me and mummy with everything. She also wants you to give food and clothing and shelter to all those people who need it.

    Love Tamsyns Dad.

  161. 161

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii santa i cant wait to get my perestes i love chrismas it rockssssssssssssssssss yeah p.s how are you and your elfs doing from josh phillips i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  162. 162
    emily white aged 8 Says:

    i hope all the little children who are sad get all that they wish for

  163. 163
    Sara June Says:

    hi santa u r my biggest heroooo!!!!

  164. 164
    Sara June Says:

    hi santa u r my biggest hero!!!

  165. 165
    Sara June Says:

    hi santa u r my biggest heroo!!!!

  166. 166
    Gwen Says:

    Hi santa I don’t care what other people say I know your real! If you do me a big favor this year my littler brother Austin 8 years old has really wanted Call of Duty Black Ops really bad so if you could please give it too him for Christmas this year please and for me well i just want my family together and to have a good time.

  167. 167
    Gwen Says:

    One thing I forgot is please help the children that are in need get all they want for Christmas this year

  168. 168
    Moodle Says:

    Hi Santa!
    For Christmas, could I please have an ipod touch, ipod touch case and a kindle case? Please? Could you also make sure all the poor kids in the world get lots of toys and maybe leave the adults some money? You are Santa, right? You can do anything! Thankyou for all of last year’s presents. I really like them.
    By the way, Katie, it’s mean to say Santa’s not real? How would you feel if someone said you’re not real and posted it on your website? And Blixin, if you have hooves, how can you type? You believe in the magic of Christmas cause you live in the North Pole, so if you were a reindeer you would not be fighting.

    Love you Santa! Donner, you’re my favourite!

  169. 169

    hi santa thank u for all the great years and persents over the years. this year i have a friend named Chris Crawford and this year i would like it if u gave him some money for them cause there house really isn’t in great shape so might help them happy holidays =)

  170. 170
    Alex Says:

    Dear Santa
    All i want for Christmas is my little brother to be happy at Christmas
    and get all the presents he wants so it would mean the world to me
    and my brother if he got everything he wants for Christmas

    Alex S xoxo

    PS your his biggest hero

  171. 171
    Nicholas Sullivan Says:

    dear santa
    i would like some things to go with my xbox and a dvd. I want my brother to have a great christmas and to be happy.

  172. 172
    kato Says:

    I am sorry for being naughty I will try next year

  173. 173
    Amy Says:

    Hi Santa
    do you think i have been good this year?
    I like all of your Raindeers!
    Merry Christmas
    from Amy

  174. 174
    Amy Says:

    When will you reply!!!!!!

  175. 175
    Raine, Seth, and Neal Says:

    Hi Santa,

    Raine: i would like a big big princess castle and a princess watch

    Neal: I would like a lovely family day, because I love me family

    Seth: I would like sonic games for my play station.

    Merry Christmas to you and all the elves. We love you Santa.

  176. 176
    chloe Says:

    katie is write and whoever u r typing in santa name is stupid sad old git !!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. 177
    Santa Says:

    Ho Ho Ho stop being rude Chloe

  178. 178
    lulu Says:

    dear santa,

    this year i forgot 2 tell u on my xmas list that i really want my family 2 be a lot happier in 2011!

  179. 179
    lulu Says:

    yh chloe stop being rude or youll get a bag of coal instead of christmas pressies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. 180

    hey santa i belive in you and i am sooooo excited for you to come and i want you to bring me and my brother all the toys that we want please and thanks thats all and i am sooo excited only 4 more days till christmas

  181. 181

    hello santa me and my brother are excited for you to come we have been ready since july or sooner we have the xmas spirit we have argued a few times but we still have been good

  182. 182
    laura Says:

    maybee this is not the real santa the real santa is busy making toys for good boys and girls and maybee it’s just a lying weirdo

  183. 183
    Keurick Says:

    Santa what i want for christmas is a touchscreen phone from cricket …Thx u santa i know you are busy making toys but please dont forget about me

  184. 184
    Izzy Says:

    hello santa. my dogs Almond and Nenya would like treats and bones for christmas, and were taking care of a newfoundland dog named Smooch would like a squeeky toy <3 thanks santa love you soooo much!!!! and do you know nicolouse? he comes on the 5th of dec. and he is skinny (on offence) and he brings chocolat to german kids… say hello to comet for me please!

    Izzy and the pups

  185. 185
    Anny Says:

    how long does it take to go aroung the earth and drop off gifts at the same time? tell roudolf I love his nose!!! <3 love you santa!!!


  186. 186
    Jen Says:

    Hay all santa haters! if you hate santa, or disbeleave in him, you would’n be on thins site!!! if you are on this site, that means you beleave in him or like him!!!!!

    ps lov santa <3


  187. 187
    Grace :) Says:

    hey u all none belivers u r wrong santa is real and if hes not answer this…….
    last christmas my auntie woke up to hear a bang, bells and a scraping (the sliegh leavin the roof.) so there!!!!!! he is real and i love all the reindears and elves!! xx
    love u santa plz plz plz can i have a Rio phone for christmas!!!!!!!

    lots of love Grace xxxxx
    p.s plz reply!!! xxx :) :) :) if u think hes not real tell me y then cuz i will be checkin if u have replyed and plz santa can u reply

  188. 188
    Grace :) Says:

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  189. 189
    Matthew Tesson Says:

    Hello Santa. I am 26 months old and I would like to have a lot of toys!! I also would like to have my daddy get well!! If you reading this my daddy has been sick for a very long time and I don’t want to lose him!! So please please please get him to feeling better for me and mommy!! Also I would like to have trucks of all sorts!! Have a safe trip to Missouri and be careful!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  190. 190
    ciaran Says:

    hi Santy don’t mind katie she’s trying to be cul loads of people KNOW you are real (including me)

  191. 191
    ciaran Says:

    i lov my dog

  192. 192
    Louise Says:

    πŸ˜€ ILOVEYOUSANTA !!!! RUDOLPH, YOU ROCKK πŸ˜‰ :”’))) <3


  193. 193
    Sophia Says:

    Hi Santa! I have been a very good girl this year! I know you are real! My family will leave out cookies for you and a treat for the rein deer! My familys wii broke so I would REALLY like it if you could bring a new wii! I hope you have a safe trip around the world again this year! I am really looking forward to Chiristmas! :)

  194. 194
    Breanna and Ashley Says:

    Santa is amazing we loveee him ! He is coming in only 3 days ! For all you hatters out there do not expect Christmas presents under the tree this year
    Ashley and Breanna

  195. 195
    chloe and hatti Says:

    me and chloe were wondering what you want us to leave out for you on christmas eve night and on the christmas tree there will be a letter saying thank you for the presents

    Thank you very much.
    Love Chloe and Hatti


  196. 196
    Tucker and Patty Says:


  197. 197
    Vanessa Says:

    Katie,you suck,start believing. Arjun,yes,Santa is real!!! Dear Santa,thank you SO much for all the hard work you and the elves put into making our WONDERFUL gifts!!! Have a SAFE trip around the world!!! Love,Vanessa A. Varela

  198. 198
    Gill Kieth Says:

    Leo, my son, says hello to Santa and has been a good boy this year!

  199. 199
    Bonnie Says:

    Hey santa!! I would really like a iPod touch for christmas! Where are you stopping first on your trip round our world? Please tell me I am interested.
    When are you going to visit the Isle Of Wight? Is that your last stop? Please tell me and I have a surprise waiting for you when you visit our house! P.S please say hi to rudolph for me!!!

  200. 200
    Niamh Says:

    Hello Santa!!!! I love you so much!!! Dont mind Katie! She doesnt have the Christmas spirit!!! I never asked for this on my list but can I have Jedward for Christmas !!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! THEY ARE SO COOL!!!! All the time when my friends or family ask me what i want to be when im older i say i want to be an elf! they are so cool! im just thinking of how much fun it would be making toys allllll!!!! day. Blixin dont get upset just because Rudolf has a shiny nose. If you and the rest of the reindeers didnt have him there probaly wouldnt even be a Christmas!!!! You and the rest of thr reindeers are savage and so is Rudolf! You didnt like when you were left out because of Rudolf! So why would you do that to him when you no how it feels!

    Lots of Love
    Xx-Niamh-xX πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› :)

  201. 201
    Niamh Says:

    Bonnie, what are you leaving for him? (the surprise?)

  202. 202
    Niamh Says:

    Omg!!! Bonnie, im asking for an ipod touch aswell! πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ :) XxxxX

  203. 203
    tj Says:

    hi my name is tj i would like a dog for christmas

  204. 204
    little Santa Says:

    katie is mad nevermind her
    niamh your cool i totaly agree about every thing you wrote yoday at

  205. 205
    emily Says:

    santa is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. 206
    little Santa Says:

    sorry i meant today not yaday

  207. 207
    emily Says:

    santa is sssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooo ccccccccccooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. 208
    emily Says:

    who does not believe in santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  209. 209
    emily Says:

    santa would u like a mince pie

  210. 210
    emily Says:

    is any on here?

  211. 211
    emily Says:

    santa please could u reply 2 me?

  212. 212
    Emily Says:

    Hey my name is Emily to!! I LOVE YOU SANTA!I BELEIVE IN YOU!

  213. 213
    Oliver Says:

    Dear Santa,
    What is your favourite thing? My favourite thing is TV. My favourite programme is Scooby-Doo. My bed time is 8’oclock. What is your bedtime? And our dog Copper hopes that you can bring him a bone, oh, and my sister’s rabbit wants a carrot. I was hoping you can name 2 elfs for me, please? Love you Lots,

    Olly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  214. 214
    Jasmine Says:

    I like cheese :-)

  215. 215
    lucas and enya Says:

    enya and i have been very good tiyding are bedrooms and what do you whant us to leav you out tommrow night hope you like our christmas tree
    love enya and lucas


  216. 216
    emily Says:

    hey Em I belive in u 2!

  217. 217
    lucas and enya Says:

    enya and i have been very good tiyding are bedrooms and what do you whant us to leav you out tommrow night hope you like our christmas tree
    love enya and lucas


  218. 218
    emily Says:

    is katie on?

  219. 219
    emily Says:

    hey,emily do u like being called em or emily?!

  220. 220
    emily Says:


  221. 221
    emily Says:

    sorry, but is anyone on?!

  222. 222
    emily Says:

    i love u santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  223. 223
    emily Says:

    does santa go on here?!

  224. 224
    emily Says:

    what I mean is does the real santa go on here?!

  225. 225
    hatti and chloe lucas and enya Says:

    hi santa how are you today are you ready for christmas tomorrow it will be a snowy night so you wrap up warm and be careful love you from hatti and chloe lucas and enya and my step brother (LUCAS) wants to know if you know all the people in the world ? :) :)


  226. 226
    emily Says:

    im 8 years

  227. 227
    emily Says:


  228. 228
    emily Says:

    is it snowing where u r?!

  229. 229
    Ryan dimon Says:

    hi Santa its me ryan dimon i always have belived in you and i’ve been a really good boy this year and i want for christmas is alot of lego city stuff like the parking garage, the police station, the fire station, and the construction site and much much more and a eletric scooter.

    thank you
    ryan dimon

  230. 230
    linda Says:

    hullo Emily!

    it is snowing were I am!!! is it snowing were you are?


  231. 231
    linda Says:

    Hi santa! I would like more webkinz for christmas please, and a wide screen tv for my mom and dad. my bro wants lego, and vidieogames.


  232. 232
    emily Says:

    not much

  233. 233
    Madison Says:

    Hi santa!! can u bring me a laptop or a iMod??YOUR THE BEST!

  234. 234
    Grace :) Says:

    hi santa
    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! πŸ˜‰ :)
    so its christmas eve eve and cant wait for tommorow!!!! christmas eve!!
    keep warm and waht would u like to eat when u come??
    and dont wake bella the dog or the kittens!! thanks!!!!!!!!
    love Grace xxxxxx

  235. 235
    Lisa Says:

    Hi santa hope you have a great christmas and a happy new year!

  236. 236
    Grace :) Says:

    also dont listen to katie shes just jealous some many people like u!!! u deserved to be loved any way ;);)
    plz reply!! xx
    plz plz plz can i have a rio phone!!???
    merry christmas and a happy new year plz make my grandad come out of hospital:)
    ( hes quite ill) :(
    plz reply plz plz plz
    lots of love grace xx

  237. 237
    Grace :) Says:

    plz let it snow not on kent my cousin needs to come up to sheffield with the turkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( fred!)

    ( soz i felt like namin him, was bored!!)

  238. 238
    alex Says:

    dear santa all i want is a ipod or i phone or i pad if i am good this year

  239. 239
    SANTA Says:

    Boys and Girls – I am very busy preparing for Christmas! MRS. C has been ironing my suit, the elves have been making last – inute toys, and the reindeer are getting ready for a long flight! Please be good…remember…I see you when your sleeping, I know when your awake! Don’t forget to leave the reindeer carrots, they get very hungry. Also, don’t forget to leave me some cookies! HOHOHO!!! My favorite cookies are sugar cookies and chocolate chip! Well children, I must get back to the toy factory! Be good!

    Love, SANTA

  240. 240
    Kelsey Says:


  241. 241
    Kelsey Says:

    i <3 SANTA

  242. 242
    will Says:

    Santa is not real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  243. 243
    will Says:

    and my dad told me that he is not real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. 244
    will Says:

    so don’t bother me cuz my friend told me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  245. 245
    Santa Says:

    ho ho ho your on the weird list!!!!!!!!!!!!


  246. 246
    Santa Claus Says:

    Ho ho ho! I am coming very soon! I would like cookies and some milk!

  247. 247
    Madeline Says:

    :( please santa i want my dad to stop calling me stupid i dont need a stinkin ipod or anything like that i just wanna be happy. Is that to much to ask? thanks for everything else throughout the years but i really want this.

  248. 248
    SANTA Says:

    Its almost that time all my good boys and good girls!!!

    -Love Santa

  249. 249
    Ashley Says:

    Santa, I believe in you and well it is okay katie and all the others who dont believe in santa because people have different beliefs so dont judge others. Love ashley.

  250. 250
    Ashley Says:

    is anyone on?

  251. 251
    Curtis Says:

    hello Santa and everyone at the North pole!

    All I want for Christmas is a XBOX 360 with kinect, a wii with mario kart, a DSi, and a chance to speak with my family in africa with a webcam.

    P.S. I belive in you Santa and everyone at the Nouth Pole.

  252. 252
    Ashley Says:


  253. 253
    Ashley Says:

    i want a webcam for christmas and for you to be able to write to me back on my letter im giving you this year like you did last year

  254. 254
    Curtis Says:

    oh and Santa when you come to my house you will have milk and cookies ready for you to eat.

    P.S. sorry I don’t have a chimney so I think you need to go throught the door.

  255. 255
    Ashley Says:

    I believe in santa

  256. 256
    Kelsey Says:


  257. 257
    Santa Says:

    Ho ho ho! Im getting ready for the big night for tomorrow and i agree with Ashley people have different beliefs and i will try to get everyone what they want. Have a Merry Christmas. Truely yours, Santa

  258. 258
    Ashley Says:

    Hi santa i cant believe you answered us.

  259. 259
    Santa Says:

    Well believe it cause i did. Ho ho ho.

  260. 260
    Curtis Says:

    will you answer me, Santa?

  261. 261
    Ashley Says:

    He is to real i love him in all my heart

  262. 262
    Santa Says:

    Hello Curtis, I will try to give you what you want for christmas. You have been a good boy but could work on helping more around the house okay? Truely yours Santa

  263. 263
    Curtis Says:


  264. 264
    Ashley Says:

    Hey look santa answered again but who is curtis

  265. 265
    Santa Says:

    You are right about that. My elves are finishing up the toys and it is so crazy down here. Ho Ho Ho.

  266. 266
    Kimmy Says:

    Hello. All i want for christmas is niceness all around the world

  267. 267
    Curtis Says:


  268. 268
    Mrs.Claus Says:

    Hello dearies. How are all of the good boys and good girls?

  269. 269
    Ciru Says:

    Hey Santa what do I want for Christmas????? (prove Kelsey your real)

  270. 270
    Mrs.Claus Says:

    And hello Curtis

  271. 271
    Kelsey Says:

    What does that mean?

  272. 272
    Santa Says:

    I cant keep track of what every one wants and i forget where my elves put my letters but hopefully after tomorrow you will find what you wanted Ciru. Truely yours Santa

  273. 273
    Curtis Says:

    Hey Mrs. Claus!!!

  274. 274
    Jimmy Says:

    Hi i am only 8 months old but i want some big trucks for christmas and some clothes. I love you santa

  275. 275
    Ciru Says:

    You misplaced my letter :”””'(. But Santa…… I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! How could you!?!?!?!?!?

  276. 276
    Mrs.Claus Says:

    Well Hello Curtis. Have you been a good boy or a bad boy be honest cause Santa is checking his list again. Right now.

  277. 277
    Santa Says:

    Ho! Ho! Ho! I hope your all excited for Christmas … Remember to leave out your mince pies and milk, and maybe a carrot for Rudolph. I hope you’ve all been good girls and boys, all year round. Me and my elves are very, very tired, and my sack of presents is very heavy…
    I have to go and practice; Ho! Ho! Ho-ing!
    Merry Christmas to all of you. :)

  278. 278
    Santa Says:

    I didnt misplace it. one of my elves did but i promise you will get what you want. It will show up somewhere before i leave tomorrow night. Some of my elves are looking for it right now. From santa

  279. 279
    Curtis Says:

    I’ve been a very good boy! I promise :).

  280. 280
    Ciru Turning Says:

    Hi santa

  281. 281
    Mrs.Claus Says:

    Well santa said you are on the naughty list why is that?

  282. 282
    lizzy Says:

    Hi everyone.

  283. 283
    Ciru Says:

    Alright thanks Santa :) could you type out what I want right after you find it? Then everyone will know you’re real for sure!!

  284. 284
    Ciru Says:

    Hey Ciru Turning why’d u steal my name???

  285. 285
    Buddy the Elf Says:

    Hi everyone as you know i am one of santa’s elves and there is a movie about me. I am clumsy, sometimes lazy, and very active. Well bye

  286. 286
    Mrs.Claus Says:

    Curtis i am just kidding you are on the nice list forever unless you stop believing

  287. 287
    Curtis Says:

    WHAT!?!?!?! But I’ve been good all year! Please check the list twice! It has to be another Curtis!

  288. 288
    Ciru Turning Says:

    I didnt that is my name. My real name is cryts and it is weird so i like that name better

  289. 289
    Curtis Says:

    *phew* Good one Mrs. Claus! You scared me for a second! :)

  290. 290
    braydie Says:

    santa love you lottttsssss i hope you chocolate cookies i hope you have a merry chrismas and a happy new year again love you lotsss

    a dsi
    a ipod touch
    charm braclet with x-mas trees on it
    a elf love braydie

  291. 291
    Santa Says:

    Ho ho ho! Ive checked my list so many times and curtis my dear wife is just kidding. So its nothing to get your pants into a big knot. Love santa

  292. 292
    Ciru Says:

    Ohhh….. Cool! But I think they sound little different. What country does your name come from??

  293. 293
    Santa Says:

    Braydie Hi, I will try to give you all that stuff on your list. Love Santa

  294. 294
    Santa Says:

    My last bye til tomorrow.

  295. 295
    Ciru Says:

    Goodnight Mrs. Claus and Santa To Cryts: I don’t believe you anymore then!!! (you’d know the country if it really was yours)…. or I could be wrong…. well nvm it doesn’t matter….

  296. 296
    Curtis Says:

    GOOD NIGHT SANTA AND MRS. CLAUS!!! PLEASE TAP ON MY WINDOW WHEN YOU VISIT ME!!!!(leave a note too if you can) :)

  297. 297
    Samuel Johnson Says:

    Hi santa my mum has seen you i wish icould see you this year i will be sleeping on the couch

  298. 298
    Samuel Johnson Says:

    i love you santa wake me up if you see me this year xxoo

  299. 299
    Santa Says:

    samuel i promise you i will

  300. 300
    Samuel Johnson Says:

    thankyou so much

  301. 301
    Amy Johnson Says:

    are you real

  302. 302
    Comet Says:

    Alright i’m the sports coach around here and i am totally better than rudolph and everybody else.

  303. 303
    Comet Says:

    Oh yeah and santa u r da man.

  304. 304
    Katherine Says:

    Hey Santa (:
    i have a lot to tell u about this yearr :(
    mostly bad things …. but i dont complain.
    anyways, hows your year been?
    i hope you come by my apartment this year… i dont get many presents from you anymore but i hope i will this year.
    i’ll tell you my wishlist if you want to but your probably busy and dont have time .
    its okay i understand.
    but i really want an edible arrangement … you know, the fruit baskets?
    and a new pair of shoes… a pair of ralph lauren polo shoes(:
    yeah that would make me happy (:
    email me if you want to (:
    thank you for your time

  305. 305
    Molly Says:

    Hi comet!!! I love you!!!!! <3 you are my fave!!!


  306. 306

    Hi Santa we are really glad that you are coming TOMORROW we cant wait i hope that we get everything we asked for.
    You are the best Santa and we love you
    – Brett and Kelli

  307. 307
    Sarah Says:

    Hey Katie santa is real and exists… i just heard that he dont live in north pole can some1 help me answer this question…PLEASE???
    Im 13 and always wondered this question please help me someone please

  308. 308
    Sarah Says:

    OMG! lol i hope i get a cell phone for christmas just got to wait 1 more day! SAnta cant wait for you too come and i hope you bring me my gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  309. 309
    Sarah Says:

    Rudolph you should say hi you are like the coolest raindeer so are the others too. oh santa how is mrs. Claus? Lol i have so many questions but i will not say so many because you are very busy. well tell everyone in northpole i say Hi!

  310. 310
    Evan Says:

    mrs. claus hi how are you i love you guys up there tell santa i love him

  311. 311
    Evan Says:

    comet rudolf is better than you be cause he has a red nose your jelous

  312. 312
    Evan Says:

    santa i have a song for you and your wife and the raindeer

  313. 313
    lucy Says:

    hi santa,
    you are the best person on earth you are my hero
    is your 8 reindeeer ready especially rudolf
    i am getting ready to put some … and a carrot on the fireplace
    for rudolf!
    oh and i can not just say you are my hero mrs clause is too
    i would’nt forget.
    and tell your elves they have been working hard even though i have’nt seen them working but i do know that they have been good help!

  314. 314
    Dasshhherrr =] Says:

    If someone on here doesn’t believe in santa please do not ruin other peoples fun, and just don’t write anything about ‘I dont believe in santa!’ because that is not fair on other people. So please think about what you write before you post it. x

  315. 315
    Mercy x Says:

    Hehehe x ? im convused ! HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  316. 316
    lippyyyy-aaw Says:

    Well i know taylor swift and i am best m8s with elen whitacker! also my sister is very good friends with miley cyrus! x

  317. 317
    hannk-loooo Says:

    No ofense but thats nothing to do with christmas or anything? + Its a bit random!

  318. 318
    Leah Says:

    hi santa how are you today

  319. 319
    andrew Says:

    santa wooo hooo i love santa, santa, santa, santa happy hollidays everyone and a happy newyear merry christmas

  320. 320
    Ashley Says:


  321. 321
    grace Says:

    i luv this website i luv waching santa go round the world in a nighrt it is so fun to wach and my sis and mum luv to wach to!

  322. 322
    Joseph shillinglaw Says:

    Hi,santa u r the best and i love comet and blitzen and rudolph i think ur awesome

  323. 323
    Santa Says:


  324. 324
    Santa Says:


  325. 325
    kye Says:

    katie dont be a jerk its christmas everybody knows that santa is real . GET INTO THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!!

  326. 326
    marion Says:


  327. 327
    kye Says:

    Everyone please go to kc 90% expert band on the run . please do

  328. 328
    Grace :) Says:

    hi santa xx
    hope u come to my house to night!
    thank u for makin it snow some where else!!! fred the turkey is on his way to sheffield!!
    plz reply or email me! xx
    lots of love and hope u come to my house night so warp up warm!
    grace xx
    ( and jet, shadow their cats! and bella, a black springerdore!) xx :) πŸ˜‰

  329. 329
    Santa fan Says:

    Hi santa i hope you get me good toys this year!! merry christmas!!!
    i am 10 years old. this is my 10th christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  330. 330
    Santa fan Says:

    Hi again santa
    i just wanted to say i love doctor who!!! so can you please leave me some doctor who toys!!!!!
    can anyone on this website now please tell me if they like doctor who

  331. 331
    Grace :) Says:

    merry c
    merry ch
    merry chr
    merry chri
    merry chris
    merry christ
    merry christm
    merry christma
    merry christmas!!!
    wow!! that took long!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) πŸ˜‰

  332. 332
    Peter Says:

    send me a letter santa as soon as you can

  333. 333
    Peter Says:

    send me a letter on my email adresss

  334. 334
    eloise Says:


  335. 335
    Kiera Says:

    Hiya santa your the best,we have got you 200 cookies and lots of milk please may you get me horse riding lessons witham vila

    lots of love kiera xxx

  336. 336
    Sarah and Emma Says:

    hello santa this is Emma and Sarah and we hope you can get to our house quickly and easily as there is a lot of snow and we are tracking you on are computer we can’t wait to you come to our house we are gonna leave you mince pies and milk and we have Carrots for the reindeer and you will find our house easily because we are gonna put reindeer food in the garden! Merry Christmas and happy new year! love from Emma and Sarah

    P.S I hope everyone at the northpole is doing well and are safe!

  337. 337

    Ho ho ho.lovely,i would love lots of milk and cookies.and sure you may have riding lessons

    love santaa

  338. 338
    Santa Says:

    Ho Ho Ho. Emily i am joking. You are going to be 9. Well after you turn 9, on your next birthday you will go into double digits. which is 10. Happy Birthday and merry christmas and i will make sure to give you an extra present as a birthday gift.

  339. 339
    Santa Says:

    Well it is actually okay Ethan, that she thinks that im not real because as Ashley said people have different beliefs and it is okay. So dont judge people and dont be mean because of that. They might be mean but you have to be nice to unkind people. And Ashley did make a great point she believes in me.

  340. 340
    Natalee and Joshua Says:

    Dear Santa I love how you make the good girls and boys so happy.

  341. 341
    Santa Says:

    Thankyou Natalee and Joshua. You just made my day and night. Ho Ho ho

  342. 342
    Santa Says:

    I check my list when i am in the sleigh and also i am typing this in my sleigh in a matter of fact. But i no when you are sleeping and i know when your awake

  343. 343
    Santa Says:

    I fill everyones stocking who has been good this year

  344. 344
    Ella Says:

    Dear Santa,

    I have just seen the most beautiful string of butterflies in a shop in Castleton (Harrison & Harrison). They were really pretty and they would look nice in my bedroom. if it’s not too late, could I add them to my list please.

    Thank you very much, love Ella XXX

  345. 345

    Hi santa i believe in you very much i want and ipodTouch for xmas pleaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! xx i can’t wait till tonight :)

  346. 346
    Santa Says:

    Ella, i will try to get you that. If i dont you will probably get it next year. And Emilys, i think you guys are long lost sisters. And also Bethany i got a lot of askings for ipodTouch so we will have to see on that. Merry Christmas. Truely yours, Santa

  347. 347
    Buddy the Elf Says:

    Hi santa. Jack Frost just called and said that he is making Christmas very special for everyone well trying to but making it snow.

  348. 348
    Santa Says:

    Well tell him that is very helpful

  349. 349

    ok Santa if i can’t get that can i possibly have an ipod Classic? love bethany merry christmas

  350. 350
    Santa Says:

    I will try Bethany.

  351. 351

    Dear Santa my brother Harley wants a transformer toy please :) he has been quite a good boy this year

  352. 352
    Santa Says:

    Ask him what kind bethany

  353. 353

    He said A red or grey one please πŸ˜‰

  354. 354
    Santa Says:

    Buddy, You arent a giant!

  355. 355
    Santa Says:

    And tell him i will try to get him a grey transformer ok bethany

  356. 356
    Santa Says:

    I dont really know. But i am already flying and i am a few hours away from the north pole. And Buddy the elf was typing if you didnt know that

  357. 357

    Halrye says thank you and he wants to know do you want cookies or a mince pie?

  358. 358
    J,porter Says:

    heyyy mrs.claus do you know if santa likes puppy chew????

  359. 359

    Santa what do you want mince pie or cookies? x

  360. 360

    santa u are real arnt you cos my mum and stepfdad say ure not but yet aagian iff santa wernt real then y do we have christmas i belivbe in you santa so please cum to my house tonight and let me see you please cos people say ure not real but i want to prve to them you are xxxx
    and ive bin good

  361. 361
    little Santa Says:


  362. 362
    Kaitlyn Colyer Says:

    Dear Santa, how is it like being the one who always brings people presents! Is it hard or do you have the hang of it

  363. 363
    Kylie Says:

    hi santa! i may be 12 years old but i still think your the best person in the world! im not here to tell u all of the things i want for christmas..i just want to wish you good luck,and hope that your christmas is as great as i hope mine will be!my little brother Zack (you sent him a letter this year) is really looking forward to waking up tommorow morning and knowing you were here. i have been taking care of my mom lately and im really hoping that you have noticed,but im not doing it because of christmas im doing it because i love my mom and i love you!!!even though Tyler dosent belive anymore im really shure that you will find a way to show him you exsist and dominick too. have a merry christmas and thank you for everything you do for us! you make christmas and amazing experience for all 4 of us!<3

  364. 364
    lucy Says:

    hi i love ya
    your nearly at my house i think

  365. 365
    #1 Fan Says:

    You are awesome! what kind of cookies do you want?

  366. 366
    Zack F. Says:

    i want the best christmas ever!i love you santa and i know that you will love our cookies!

  367. 367
    little Santa Says:


  368. 368
    emma huskie xxx (13) Says:


    i love all da reindeer especially comet and blixon

  369. 369
    Amanda Says:

    hi santa if you have an extra reindeer can i have it????

  370. 370
    emma huskie xxx (13) Says:

    i belive in santa plz can i just have a fabulose christmas with my family love e.h

  371. 371
    Amanda Says:

    santa my friends say your not real but when i was little i heard your
    reindeers hoves on our roof. But peopple are like saying you fake

  372. 372

    hullo santa! I’m wishing you a safe and wonderful flight tonight! can’t waite to open the giftts early tomarrow morning! btw I’m 12 years old and my b-day is march 29th have a good time, and how ling does it take to travle around the earth???

    Eevee (my nick name)

  373. 373
    Amanda Says:


  374. 374
    Santa Says:

    Ho Ho Ho! Well i am as real as you want me to be if i stay in your heart and as long as you believe in me. Ho Ho Ho

  375. 375
    Kaitlin Says:

    Merry C
    Merry Ch
    Merry Chr
    Merry Chri
    Merry Chris
    Merry Christ
    Merry Christm
    Merry Christma
    Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas E
    Merry Christmas Ev
    Merry Christmas Eve
    Merry Christmas Ever
    Merry Christmas Every
    Merry Christmas Everyo
    Merry Christmas Everyon
    Merry Christmas Everyone
    Merry Christmas Everyone!
    Merry Christmas Everyone!(
    Merry Christmas Everyone!(:

    Happy N
    Happy Ne
    Happy New
    Happy New Y
    Happy New Ye
    Happy New Yea
    Happy New Year
    Happy New Year!
    Get Ready For Santa To Come Tonight(:

  376. 376
    George Says:

    Hi santa,

    I believe in you and im 12. No matter what anyone says santa is real al the way :) I love christmas and the family gathering. Well what can i say,merry christmas evryone and hope you enjoy πŸ˜€
    Santa,have a safe journey and cant wait for you to turn up in my house. Please replay,from george :)

  377. 377
    Santa Claus Says:

    Ho Ho Ho! I’m on my way to U.S.A for my next stop. =)

  378. 378
    lauren Says:

    hi santa i am lauren as you might now it is christmas eve and my tummys really tikley my mum says i hope santa will come and i hope to and it is really nice that you go around giving presents but why do you not give the poor people you give everyone one except them?

  379. 379
    lauren Says:

    hope you can write back

  380. 380
    Kelsey Says:

    sanat u cant b in the usa cuz i live here and its still day!!!

  381. 381

    Hey Santa.

    I am going to be sleeping on the couch tonight, and when you come can you pleeeeeeeeeeeease take me to the North Pole.
    I will work for you.

    P.S. you rock.

  382. 382
    Maddie Says:

    Hey Santa

    I am so excited about christmas i have asked for loads of things . Tonight i will leav out a mince pie a gss of brandy and a carrot each for your Raindeer .I hope you enjoy them . love you

  383. 383
    leah Says:

    hi santa i defo beleive in you always have always will to be honest dont want anyting you can have my prezents of me to you. merry christmas!!

  384. 384
    charles Says:

    Hi santa I love you!

    Would Rudolph like two carrots as a big treat tonight?

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  385. 385

    hey dont be mean to my friend rudolph his my star and blixon if you are mean then ill tell santa and he will fire you from ya job
    soz ive never learn’t to spell have i rudolph

  386. 386

    merry c
    merry ch
    merry chr
    merry chri
    merry chris
    merry christ
    merry christm
    merry christma
    merry christmas

    and a

    happy new year

  387. 387
    Santa Says:

    so what does every body want for christmas

  388. 388
    morgan clossick Says:

    I belive in santa he is very nice he wars a big read coat and a big red hat ilove sant he is my bestr friend and all year he is watching you to find out if you are good or bad he is the best and most kindet man hi is super i am geting a ipod ps3 an xbox tank guns star wars lego sets


  389. 389
    Santa Says:

    who wants to now who’s on the good list and who’s on the bad list

  390. 390
    morgan clossick Says:


  391. 391
    Santa Says:

    i am flying in the sky at the moment in Port Louis, Mauritius

  392. 392
    Amanda Says:


  393. 393
    Santa Says:

    hello Morgan you are on the good list this year i haven’t had your Christmas wish what did you want

  394. 394
    Santa Says:

    Hello Amanda you are on the good list

  395. 395


  396. 396
    Santa Says:

    hello Evan you are on the good list

  397. 397
    Santa Says:

    i am flying in the sky at the moment im in Enderby Land, Antarctic

  398. 398
    Santa Says:

    Im afraid Evan i have to go round round the world for Christmas

  399. 399
    aimee Says:

    i love father christmas!!!!xxx

  400. 400
    Santa Says:

    I cant just give you me for christmas

  401. 401
    Santa Says:

    i have to go now im pulling up to the next house i hope she likes her new bike bye HAPPY CHRISTMAS HOHO HO

  402. 402
    Santa Says:

    dont cry ill be to your house in a couple of hours but ill be with you soon and remember i can only visit you if your in your bed asleep

  403. 403
    Santa Says:

    goodbye i hope you have wonderful presents

  404. 404
    Santa Says:

    Ho Ho Ho. I love the sights i am seeing

  405. 405
    Santa Says:

    oh and Amanda you are on the good list good bye

  406. 406
    florie Says:

    is santa there

  407. 407
    PjCairney Says:

    kaitie stop taking all the fun out of christmas sant is REAL!!!!!!!!!

  408. 408
    PjCairney Says:

    santa am i on te good list?xoxoxo

  409. 409
    rossy Says:

    i; love you so much and my uncle niall does to!

  410. 410
    matthew Says:

    i love you santa from matthew xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxo

  411. 411
    Joseph Says:

    I’m getin all exited

  412. 412
    harry Says:

    i love you i want a farm and from harry xxxxxo666

  413. 413
    SHAUN Says:

    i love my presents thank you santa

  414. 414
    KIRSTY Says:


  415. 415
    Sarah Says:

    Im 13 1/2 and i believ ein santa! i was telling my bf santa real! HE IS HE IS

  416. 416
    santa Says:

    ho ho ho its all right shaun i buy enny won whot they whont

  417. 417
    shannon Says:

    i did not beliveve in santa but i look on this and now i do hahaha i love santa now i am geting excited

  418. 418
    katie Says:

    xmas is tomorro on yh i carnt wait

  419. 419
    Rebecca Beel Says:

    hi santa my names rebecca and im 12, i dont know if your real but i just want to say thankyou very much for the presents over the years i realy apreciate it, i cant wait for tommrow and merry christmas! im going to leave you and your reindeers some milk cookies and carrots i hope you enjoy them!

    love Rebecca xxxx :)

  420. 420
    george Says:

    Hi Santa! some people say your not Real! But I Believe in you and Rudolph! hope you like this comment!


  421. 421

    Dear Santa

    You are the hero of Christmas, I would like some clothes from the M&M cataloge and some shoes. Then i would like a glow lamp.
    Thats all i would like this year i don’t want to be greedy.

    Love Tia-Helina Molyneux
    From the Isle Of Man

  422. 422
    Chelsea Says:


  423. 423
    Chelsea Says:

    Hi Santa, to all those people that don’t believe in Santa..well no presents fo you. Santa is a good man. He brings us presents every year. He takes time out of him busy sceduale just to bring you brats some gifts. Respect Santa and all that he does for us. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t get gifts. So, Santa i don’t care if others don’t believe because i do. The others can kiss my butt. Like Katie. Thanks for everything Santa. :)

  424. 424
    Chelsea Says:

    Please reply Santa. I want to see what you have to say. Thanks.

  425. 425
    cheseaaa:D Says:

    wheeey let’s all talk to santaaaaaa :) to all those people that don’t believe in Santa..well no presents fo you. santa is a good man. he brings us presents every year, even though he dont make them:L i hope that you will be sneaking into my bedroom tonight(;

  426. 426
    Bethany and Daisy Says:

    Hello Santa,
    Its Bethany and Daisy from England!! We cannot wait until you come to our house, we have been good girls this year! I love you so much and have a very good christmas and ooh we forgot to tell you today, please can I have some ugg boots- Daisy.
    Lots of Love xxxx

  427. 427
    James Says:

    hi santa i thing santa rocks come to my house

  428. 428
    ben Says:

    hey santa

    i know that your real and u deliver your presents fast

  429. 429
    Rebecca Beel Says:

    santa am i on the good list? i helped my mum clean the chairs and table and decorate it for tommorow

  430. 430
    Corwin Says:

    Children, please remember that Father Christmas is as much in our hearts as he is in our minds. If we always believe in Santa, he will always be there for us.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  431. 431
    Rebecca Beel Says:

    ihope you have a very merry christmas santa, and to everyone else! :)

  432. 432

    merry christmas don’t take ‘christ’ out of ‘christ’mas

  433. 433
    Chelsea Says:

    chesea, you copied me! Your lame.

  434. 434
    sherelle Says:

    dear santa, i`m 12 i really believe in u and my family does 2 my older sister said when they were younger they saw a shadow put down presents but anyways i`m a 7th grader and i want u 2 plz come 2 my house 2 night

  435. 435
    somebody Says:

    i remember wen i saw u up in the sky in real life santa. thts how i know ur real:)

  436. 436
    Sparsh Says:

    Hi santa im 11 and i belive your real well never admitted it and i was good for 70 % of the year so please can i have super smash bros brawl for wii and a cars lightning mqueen rc for my little baby brother who is 3 years old
    ps.its okay if you cant get black ops cause im getting other stuff but my baby brother would be sad if he didnt
    have a good trip!!!

  437. 437
    Skylar Says:

    i remember one night i want to go down stairs to she want was going on because i herd some nosie so i went down the stairs and i looked and i see santa and that was all the noise.

    That is why i now that santa is real and i also love SANTA.


  438. 438
    Ebony Says:

    Hi Skylar merry Christmas to u too

  439. 439
    Ebony Says:

    Merry Christmas PPL Im 12 and I love Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  440. 440
    jade Says:

    whens dancer gonna talk i love him cause im a dancer and i belive in santa but i dont beleive that he gives me the gifts

  441. 441
    Taylor Says:

    Hey santa have a very merry christmas this year! P.S I really want a IPad for christmas!!!!

  442. 442
    jade Says:

    whos corwin

  443. 443
    Christine Says:

    SANTA IZ DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!

  444. 444
    Louise Says:

    I believe!!!!

  445. 445
    Christine Says:

    Santa, i know you exist but my bro does not believe in you.

  446. 446
    Louise Says:

    I KNOW HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  447. 447
    Makayla Says:

    u rock Santa Claws

  448. 448
    Makayla Says:

    So do I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  449. 449
    Louise Says:

    We have sugar cookies and chocolate cream pie Santa!

  450. 450
    Christine Says:

    Santa plz come and eat our cookies!!!

  451. 451
    Mark Says:

    Who is Santa?

  452. 452
    Louise Says:

    Mark is a non-believer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BOO!!!!BOO!!!!!BOO!!!!NUTTIN FOR YOU UNDER THE TREE DUDE!!!!!

  453. 453
    Mark Says:

    :O No you.

  454. 454
    sophie Says:

    santa is awsome. haha i just gassed my mom. >:) she loved it. my sister courtney wrote it when i gassed courtney smiled and laughed.i guess i wont be getting anything for mom is

  455. 455
    SantaLover Says:

    Santa is real and i love him. I have been a very good girl and hope for an ipad

  456. 456
    courtney Says:

    isnt my sister just great?

  457. 457
    doughnut Says:

    You people that think that santa is not real you people are crazy

  458. 458
    lila Says:

    Hi my name is *lila* i think santa is real and want my friend to come back from CA

  459. 459
    hannah Says:

    i love people! my sister is crying and i am very sad for her.good thing Santa is coming soon.i can’t wait until you come.i hope i’ve been good, because Santa is coming!you are great Santa!, and i know it!i hope you like my comment. Love,Hannah

  460. 460
    jacob Says:

    please give me a xbox kenect

  461. 461
    Gabbi Says:

    I believe in santa and I’m staying up tonight to see myself and I will post to tell u and everyone the truth! :)

  462. 462
    Gabbi Says:

    I want xbok kinect games and a real drum kit pleese!

  463. 463
    kyliehawkins Says:

    Hi Santa I have been a very good girl! I hope you bring me a lot of new toys

    love alway’s

  464. 464

    i want a puppy for christmas and i want it to be a baby puppy the type please cocker spaniel i always wanted a puppy so i could take care of it and name it vanilla like icecream well if u could do that 4 me it would be great and a nice christmas please santa thats all i want i already have all the supplies and toys so i really want and need 1 please just incase u do give me a puppy ill leave u extra cookies and milk ooh also if u cant get me a puppy i’d like a nice purple and blue bathing suit bikini cauz on jan 3rd im goin to great wolf lodge and i need a bathing suit once again thanks but puppy first choice bathing suit second choice bye santa ho ho ho

  465. 465

    ooh also santa u rock and im 10 and always wanted a puppy since i was 5 its been a long time and my sister brittany has 1 and brags over it so santa please please please get me a puppy please please please please it would mean the world to me goodnight bye ho ho ho merry christmas to u ho ho ho merry christmas to all

  466. 466
    Gracie Says:

    dear santa
    plz exuse if someone eats the cookies b4 u come because they ‘know” your not coming. i know your coming :)

  467. 467

    ohh 1 more time if u dont have a cocker spaniel get me a dashand and if u dont have a dashand get me a beagle thanks bye ho ho

  468. 468
    Mark Says:

    I Have A Beagle πŸ˜€

  469. 469
    Mark Says:

    πŸ˜€ :) πŸ˜€ :) πŸ˜€ :)

  470. 470
    Mark Says:

    Merry Christmas πŸ˜€

  471. 471
    Mark Says:

    Christmas Isn’t about getting gifts, it’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus.

  472. 472
    Nick Says:

    Hey santa hope that you are having a nice trip around the world.
    P.S. whats Italy like this year?

  473. 473
    sophie Says:

    i love christmas

  474. 474

    Merry christmas everyone!

  475. 475
    little Santa Says:



  476. 476


  477. 477
    alec Says:

    dear santa
    can i have a r/c hummer medium kind of big
    have i been a good boy?

  478. 478
    alec harvey gall Says:

    dear santa
    can i have a r/c hummer medium kind of big
    have i been a good boy?
    have i ?

  479. 479
    Kaylee Says:

    Hiya Santa!! Katie, shut the fryin pan up ( I’m only 9)! Well Katie, Santa is so freakin real get a life. Santa got me a flip video camera and I got a camera frOm my mom. Well thanks Santa and all you elves!!

  480. 480
    ? Says:

    Hi santa, katie, you act like my arch nemesis alek, SANTA IS REAL!

  481. 481
    kat ( not mean old katie) Says:

    hiya rudolf and all u other amazing reigndeer lovee u tooo bits i love u santa my for my prezzies culd i hav a new coputer cos this 1 is getting old and slow but i love it anyway mayb… a macbook air thats all i really want ( apart from my 2 front teeth) lol

    Thanku :-) XD

  482. 482
    xxxxxkittykatxxxxx Says:

    katie mayb on ur wish list 4 this year u culd ask for a life dont spoil other peoples dreams

  483. 483
    hee hee hee Says:

    roses are red violets r blu flowers are nice unlike u, katie.. for the evil of not beliving

  484. 484
    hee hee hee Says:

    :-( :-) πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  485. 485
    hee hee hee Says:


  486. 486
    hee hee hee Says:

    i’m bilingual that means that i can speak a differnt language as well as english! i can speak serbian look -> cao kako se zoves moje ime je katerina a tvoje ime je… that says : hi what is ur name im called katerina and ur name is…

  487. 487
    landen Says:

    santa can I have a disco ball and I hope you can make it this year for all your cookies and hi rudalph hand that’s all hope you read my comet boys and grls11111111

  488. 488
    faith Says:

    hi santa how are you I love you you are like my only bests nicest friend I have oh ya how is rudalph I belive in you right me back

    love faith

  489. 489
    faith Says:

    oh ya I forgot to tell you what I want.What I want is a Samsung galaxsy s 4 phone ipad mini and a lot of other super great gifts

    p.s. I love you rudalph!!!!!!!

    love faith

  490. 490
    faith Says:

    hey katy santa is right you need to shut your big fat mouth and who ever says santa isn’t reall don’t belive them belive your self because santa reall and I belive in him I love him very much because he loves us so sometimes just shutup you are like so freakin mean oh ya my brother landen said your a jerk butt face and blow up head jerk fatty dummy big fat stupid head

  491. 491
    balonek Says:

    Hey there, just seemed to be responsive to your blog thru Yahoo and google, and discovered it’s really educational. Let me watch out for the city. I’ll enjoy if however you keep on the following in future. Many others can be taken advantage of your current producing. Cheers!

  492. 492
    kylie Says:

    Sannta you are the most amazing person i know cant wait to get A LOT OF PRESENTS FROM YOU

  493. 493
    Evie paterson Says:

    When will Santa come to my house

  494. 494
    #1 fan 300 Says:

    May I please have the lego city cargo terminal? please! ps. What kind of cookies do you like?

  495. 495
    santa lover 3000 Says:

    may I please have the lego city cargo terminal set 60022? ps. (not special

  496. 496
    darbyi Says:

    my sisters love you so plez Santa send them a vary special video thank you Santa

  497. 497
    Joshua, Gabriel and Hailey Says:

    Dear Santa, Hi!! Thank you for the presents last year and letting us go to Disneyland! You are so nice. Hows Rudolph and all the other reindeer? We’ll leave you lots of cookies on Christmas Eve.

  498. 498

    This post is truly a pleasant one it helps new web viewers, who are wishing for blogging.

  499. 499
    Maggie-May Says:

    Hello Father Christmas,
    I hope you, the reindeer, the elves and Mrs. Claus are nearly ready for Christmas!!! For Christmas this year please can I have a Guess Who Extra game? Thank you very much and I hope you have a nice Christmas.
    From Maggie
    P.S: Don’t forget to leave presents for my sister, Lolly!!!

  500. 500

    Dear Santa Claus hi how are you? Merry Christmas Iam being good this year and I always being good to my pals friends and job couch all the time Iam good always positive like $ 1.00 % because Iam always being good behavior and being mature and and good adult young adult i always I fixing my bedroom always and I fallow my job couch everyday and I work everyday at the animals shelter and I get payday this is I wanted I want nintendo 3ds xl Pokemon x and y bundle red and blue and Pokemon x and y action figure xerneas and yveltal

    Love always your paolo forteza
    Ps. I will send you some food at the backyard I will be waiting I love you Santa

  501. 501
    sarah singletary Says:

    Santa please get me a American girl doll and a Nintendo game a bicycle high heel boots and a electric scooter. Sincerly Sarah Elizabeth singletary I love you santa very much!

  502. 502
    Mya Says:

    Santa my name is Mya and im 10 I want a new house that is so pretty I want tickets to go see justin bieber i want my dream to come true thats singing and to lose weight

  503. 503
    synaptol Says:

    I am extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your weblog.

    Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Either
    way keep up the excellent quality writing, it is rare to see a great blog like
    this one nowadays.

  504. 504
    ashlyn Says:

    Hi Santa’s
    Remember when we went to the care center well you made everyone’s day on Thursday and when it’s Christmas PLEASE leave something to say that you are real PLEASE prove it

  505. 505
    chloe Says:

    hello this is a grate traker it ether comes with sweets 49302 money be nice to each other and be a santa tracker

  506. 506
    chloe Says:

    santa can yu get my mum a super something because i blivie in you your the best i think your elvfs are bussy because it is so near xchris
    YOUR THE BEST SANTA santa santa santa santa

  507. 507
    Trevor Says:

    Dear santa,
    for christmas i want for christmas i’d like a bunch of fishing stuff

  508. 508
    Kayla Says:

    Dear Santa ,my name is Melani I am 9 years old what I would like for Christmas is a monster high doll I also have a 5year old Sister named Kayla she is asking if you can please get her a doll and a stroller thank you can you please leave the gifts at the door if you come because I don’t have a chimney thank you Santa

  509. 509
    Sophia Says:

    I love you santa I HAVE BEEN GOOD THIS YEAR and i hope you bring lots of presents. From, Sophia Maria Pereira

  510. 510
    Lily Says:


  511. 511
    Lily Says:

    I am 12 and not sure if I should believe in Santa . I know moms or dads get the presents but a little in side me believe so if your real get me a guitar plz

  512. 512
    jordan and leonie Says:

    hi santa im 11 and my wee sister is 9 we both love you and hope to see you soon

  513. 513
    James, Charlie, Harry & Freddie Says:

    Hi Santa,

    We are sooo excited for you coming tonight! We have been good boys all year. Safe Journey! lots of love from James, Charlie, Harry & Freddie xo

  514. 514

    Hi Santa! I’m really excited for you to come tonight!!!

  515. 515
    Samantha Everett Says:

    Hi Santa, i been nicer this month and im 15 and i still believe in u

  516. 516

    MerryChristmas Santa,
    It’s 6:10 am on Christmas morning. I imagine your just pulling in to the norh pole after a very long night. I know that feeling because unlike yourself I have to go to school 5 days a week and put up with teachers who spill their adult problems onto us kids. Mrs Kramer went into the closet the other day and when she came out she smelled like rubbing alcohol. I really hope she cleaned her boo boo right. The lighting in there is absolutely terrible.
    Anyways as I stated in my last 27 letters I really haven’t been that good this year so I don’t think I deserve any presents except the lump of coal which I’ve heard (and read) so much of. I can really use it as a filter for my experiment in chemistry class. Oh yeah I was thinking of Rudolph this morning and it came to me out of nowhere. I think he has cancer. When my cousin Ernie died he had cancer and his body was covered in red bulbous tumors at the end. I’m going to have my Daddy call his Oncologist and set up an appointment for Rudolph. The best medicine is catching the cancer as early as possible. Okay I’ll let you go now as I’m sure you must be plum tuckered out.

    Your friend; Lawrence

  517. 517
    Mom Says:

    Thank you Santa for making every Christmas special with this tracker.

  518. 518
    lewis Says:

    don.t forget milk / cookies and a carrot for 9 reindeer

  519. 519
    lewis Says:

    its february !

  520. 520

    Dear Santa, I am 23 years old and I have been really good this year and I want for christmas is more Batman Lego video games,some more Indiana Jones Lego Games, and some more word search puzzles and you are a great guy to have all the time and I hope to see you again on December 24,2014 this year and every year and I promised to be good the rest of the year and I hope to again on christmas eve this year and every year and I hope you come back and visit me at my house this year and every year. Thanks, Nathan Smith.

  521. 521

    hi santsa it’s nina I love you so much!and my older brother tried telling me you weren’t real.but I didn’t believe him!he tried to turn me against you and saying you don’t exist,your not reakl!and that my mom and dad gsave us the gifts and wrote your name on the gifts every yr.i hate my brother for doing that santa.ilove you more and more every yr.!i’m your biggest fan santa!you mean so much so to me.

  522. 522
    Jamie Says:

    Β£2000 PEALSE

  523. 523
    Robert Says:

    Who ever doesnt believe is mean

  524. 524
    Robert Says:

    hi everybody =)

  525. 525
    Jordan Says:

    Hi santa I need info from you ok my friends always leave me out what should I do

  526. 526
    Robert Says:

    Take it down Satan please give some respect.
    Oh and i love Taylor Swift’s music she is the best singer in the world!

  527. 527
    Robert Says:

    I love Taylor Swift’s music

  528. 528
    Wade Says:

    Santa I know you saw me at Disney world and I just wanted to let you know that all I really want for Xmas are a lot if nerf guns and a iPod touch.

    I love you Santa and you and God are the best people in the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ps:my brother byrnes he wants a 3030 so can you bring him that for Xmas.

  529. 529
    Wade Says:

    Satan did you know that kids come on this website I am a kid i don’t want to see that word

  530. 530
    Wade Says:

    Santa is a very good man to

  531. 531
    alexis and trevor Says:

    hi Santa its me Alexis for Christmas I want some wii u games and new dry erase markers also I LOVE peace symble any thing cloths, hats , scarfs, brother wants a stretchken [a dog one]also a scooter with glow up wheels [ my brother hopes you can do that] he also wants a masher if you know what that is

    from your best best friends Alexis and Trevor
    p.s. my brother wants roller blades with equipment bye we love you

  532. 532

    Hello Santa every one I know says that you fake I beaver believed theam so what should I do I live in Chesterfield in the condos and I am 9.

  533. 533
    Tarren Says:

    Hi Santa I would love the new doll of the year of 2015 point shoes for me and a new bike. I will vie you milk and cookies and the same thing like last year for the deer

  534. 534
    Jerilynn Says:

    Dear santa I’m Jerilynn wozniak I’m 22 year’s old I’m good girl this year I’m happy for chirstmas you know whant I whant for chirstmas I whant giant’s stuff art stuff, shoe’s raider’s stuff not 49 niner’s stuff please I have sezuire yesterday afternoon after school on my mv bus yesterday afternoon my bestfriend antony call 911 on his cell phone and my afternoon driver did not stop my bestfriend antony tell the driver to stop whant brave boy.

  535. 535
    cassie landen Says:

    hey santa I know I have been a little bad this year

    LANDEN: would like some cars and trucks make sure to fill his stocking with candy

    CASSIE: I would like some under armour clothes

  536. 536
    cassie landen Says:

    santa say something to me

  537. 537
    Jerilynn Says:

    santa I need to talk to you about something

  538. 538
    Santa Claus Says:

    Hello, I’m reading this thread, getting my list together. I hope everybody has a safe and wonderful Christmas and be on the lookout for me on Christmas Eve.

  539. 539
    cassie landen Says:

    Santa why are we not aloud to see you at Christmas and why do we have to be to sleep are you will not come and give us are presents that your elves make and work hard on all year long??????????

  540. 540
    Jerilynn Says:

    good morning santa I’m ready for school

  541. 541
    cassie landen Says:

    SANTA I have done everything to be on your goodlist I know it is very special to be on the good list so we get good pre3sents not coal or swithes like I got one year but my dad told you to bring them anyway so I geuss you brought them they were tied in a red ribbion and said From Santa To Cassie saying I hope you are better next year and I was I got a lot of things that I wanted.

  542. 542
    comet Says:

    hi everyone this is COMET here!!! do i have any fans? if so please tell me im feeling kinda down so please tell me.also be sure you are very good this year!



  543. 543
    bailey Says:

    hi comet,your my favorite reindeer!I hope im on the good list!BTW im 10!!:)

  544. 544
    COMET Says:

    REALLY BAILEY!!!???!That is so great,most people love rudolph.This is great!Oh ya what do you want for christmas?(I’ll tell santa for you if you want!) xoxo COMET

  545. 545
    Bailey Says:

    that really be great Comet if you would but i really don’t know what i want for christmas but i’ll tell you when I figure out!(And yes i would like you to tell santa please)

    p.s.I’m not British and i don’t live in the UK I’m American and i live in Texas also alot of people think we’re all about ranchs and stuff when we’re not so please tell people that!

  546. 546
    COMET Says:

    oik its ok of you dont know what you want for christmas just tell me when you do!And i will tell people about Teaxs not being all about ranches and stuff xoxo

  547. 547
    COMET Says:


  548. 548
    Bailey Says:


  549. 549
    Bailey Says:


  550. 550
    COMET Says:

    HI PEOPLE!Its Comet here like Bailey asked me to i am here to tell you that Texas is not all about ranches and stuff!Ok since that is settled anyone else like me as their faveorite reindeer please tell me!



  551. 551
    cassie landen Says:



    Can you get RUDOLPH to talk to me on here I want to know if he can eat cookies are will it make his tummy upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  552. 552
    cassie landen Says:

    COMET RESPOND RUDOLPH TO………………………. im waiting???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  553. 553
    Derek Says:

    Hello Santa! I’d like,

    A laptop

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